Bear Mountain – Congo


Congo” absorbs different styles and influences into one charmingly bold composition. Bear Mountain describe their own style as “ blending syncopated bass lines and arpeggiated synth chords with live instrumentation and soaring vocals to produce a style that is unmistakably fresh and powerfully captivating.”

The song starts with looped live percussions, floating synth chords and sampled tribal lyrics evoking emotions that transport the listener to very warm and distant places. The tribal sample is the real key, think of M83s “Midnight City” or Kanye Wests “Power” and you’re not far off. Later when the vocals kick in it’s almost as if you transcended to a southern gospel church where Cee-Lo Green is the choir leader. Makes little sense? Well, take a listen below.

“Congo” is the second single from the EP XOreleased in august earlier this year.

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