M83 – Steve McQueen (Maps Remix)

In October, M83 released the third single (“Steve McQueen”) from one of last year’s finest albums, the dreamy double-album epic, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming! The albums presence lingers on due to several deluxe and limited editions containing a vast set of remixes. Except for The Naked And The Famous remix of “Reunite”, M83 songs don’t tend to do well to others remix treatments.  They already contain so much beauty and grandeur that the only thing the remixes tend to do is highlight the original track’s beauty. However, posted below is Maps remix of “Steve McQueen”. Maps is James Chapman, a U.K fellow who combines electronic indie with atmospheric sleepy rock, that lands somewhere near Four Tet. The remix doesn’t come near the original but is the stand-out remix of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming!  latest Bonus edition remix pack.


On M83’s official website you can also find the energetic video of BeatauCue’s  “Steve McQueen” remix

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