WU LYF – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (2011)


retro_turntable_speckcase-p176835142239651308en7rr_216Since it seems like WU LYF is no more,  it’s more than fitting to write something about last year’s greatest album debut.  Go Tell Fire to the Mountain certainly felt like a kick in the groins with its apocalyptic proto-linguistic lyrics accompanied with striking drum rolls and beautifully crafted guitar- and pipe organ-play. The production in itself was impressive – self-recorded (and self-produced) in an abandoned church that gave the whole album an eerie open airspace-feel to it. This is uncategorisable music, more passionate then anything in recent years, euphorically beautiful and something that just sounded different. They may well be the greatest hyped anti-hype band, who hated the music establishment and the whole music industry.

Or did they? Wasn’t it all just a big PR and marketing stunt to launch this at first mysterious band to the public’s eye? Probably. But I don’t care. In my view this is a band who wanted to be more than a band, something bigger, a statement about the world we live in. They were uncomfortable to listen to at first. Just take the name WU LYF, World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, gave one chills and made you wonder what kind of satanistic rituals these guys did in their backyard. But after a while you realized that there wasn’t any religious or political message there. They were ideologically independent, or even more correct, indifferent. They spoke to everybody who felt fed up with something or everything in the world surrounding them. They were screaming prophets, screaming at everything and nothing. But in the end they were nothing more than a shouting voice in the dark, and probably they knew about it. There was no other way then to flame out quickly. I can’t even imagine how a second album would sound like, did I even want a second album? Probably not, because now they can go on and live forever.

4 thoughts on “WU LYF – Go Tell Fire to the Mountain (2011)

  1. erikkvast says:

    well i guess if they released a second album ad it was a total failure, they would have been remembered for the total contrast of failure and success, so what i’m saying is one more record couldn’t hurt :).

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