Charli XCX – Super Ultra


The British pop singer Charli XCX has a fair share of edgy electro pop singles behind her. She’s for instance behind one of the summer’s punchiest pop singles, Icona Pop’s, “I Love it”.  An interesting artist who’s chosen a different path then many of her fellow electro-poper’s. Instead of releasing proper albums; she has embraced the mixtape format, formally associated mainly with hip hop acts. It’s quite unorthodox for this type of genres, but it makes a lot of sense however for her to do so. She’s fully embraced the internet as a marketing tool and always been quite rebellious and chaotic in her overall image. Super Ultra is her second mixtape this year only, the first being Hearbreaks and Earthquakes. The overall impression of Super Ultra is not the best one, it’s interesting music but lacks to inspire or engage. However, there are two exceptions. One being the tape closer, “Forgiveness”, a weird gospel inspired experimental R&B piece, and the second being the clear stand-out track, Charli XCX remix of How To Dress Well’s, “Cold Nites”. It’s a gorgeous track that merges both artists’ finest qualities.  Stream both tracks down below.

You can also download the full mixtape by clicking here.

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