Yo La Tengo – Ohm


Instant Classic

It’s almost exactly 20 years ago since Hoboken’s finest released Painfulthe first out of almost a handful of classics. But ever since 2003’s Summer Sun, I pretty much lost interest in the band. So now that they’re about to release their 13th (!) album Fade my expectations are fairly low. But by the sound of the brilliant spacious Velvet Underground/krautrock-esq new single “Ohm”, they’ve come closer to the  warm melancholic pop of I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One  than anything I’ve heard from the band in recent years.

Presumed album closer “Before We Run”, released earlier this fall just makes the case stronger. By the looks of it, Yo La Tengo is about to release a pretty decent record in just a couple of week’s time.  Stream both tracks below and check out Fade’s tracklist.

Fade Tracklist:
01. Ohm
02. Is That Enough
03. Well You Better
04. Paddle Forward
05. Stupid Things
06. I’ll Be Around
07. Cornelia and Jane
08. Two Trains
09. The Point of It
10. Before We Run

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