Toro Y Moi – Say That


Cha Bundrick’s bedroom project, Toro Y Moi was initially one of the main acts associated with the cillwave genre. In a way their 2010 year’s debut Causers of This became one of the pinnacles of the genre. But chillwave was never built for durability and not so long after, the whole thing started to crumble. Artist formerly associated with the genre had to come up with new ways to survive. For Toro Y Moi it meant to reinvent their sound and change directions with more hi-fi textures that combines warm playful 70’s style funk with up-to-date electronic productions. The result was a second album with a lot more focus on durable songwriting even though it lacked the excitement and surprise elements of their debut. “Say That”, the new single from third album Anything in Return, feels like an elevation of the sound from the previous record with more bass and surprising nu-rave ingredients thrown in the pot. Anything In Return is out 22th of January via Carpark.

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