Burial – Truant / Rough Sleeper



Following Burial’s release of 2007’s ground-breaking Untrue, we’ve been waiting in vain for a proper full-length follow up. Instead he’s given us 12” after 12” of bedazzling creations, pushing the boundaries of his characteristic aesthetics further and further into uncharted territory. Last year’s masterful Kindred EP was a 30 minute long intense journey that marked up to that point the pinnacle of his career. With the release of the nearly 25-minute long Truant/Rough Sleeper it seems that we might just have to wait a bit longer for a proper full length. At the same time the two EP’s combined give us an hour of new material, where each song shifts and ranges through different textures, tempos and styles at roughly the same length as a full length record.

Truant/Rough Sleeper may not be as grand and forceful as Kindred, but the two tracks rely just as much on his brilliant innovative way to approach song and melody construction. Take the following example; listen about 6 minutes in on “Truant”, where the beat drops and an early 90’s rave-style synthesizer emerges; the euphoria combined with nostalgia is at that specific moment possibly higher than on any former Burial track – and as long as we are provided with these ingenious flashes of bliss, I don’t mind waiting a bit longer for that Untrue follow-up.

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