Magic Fades – #1 – P.O.L.


Magic Fades is a new outfit based in Portland, USA. Their music is as contemporary as electronic r&b gets these days. There are the obvious short pitched vocal samples, the deep bass, distinctive snare drums and layers after layers of samples and blurry sounds. What make Magic Fades unique are the samples itself. Normally when you listen to How To Dress Well, Burial, The Weeknd or others alike it’s pretty hard to distinguish the original source, conversely Magic Fades uses very recognizable 90’s super commercial hits as the pillar of their melodic arrangements. On first single, “Obsession” they utilized samples from Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy is Mine” and on this new cut they use Enigma’s classic Gregorian chanting pop monster, “Sadness” – and it works pretty damn good we must admit.

Magic Fades is a breeze of fresh air, and is seemingly doing exactly what they like: “There is no running concept or theme….we read a lot  of interviews with people talking about ‘re-contextualizing beats/samples/lyrics/vibes’, we are not thinking about it in that way. We just get together and make what we like.” – They told in a recent article. I’m inspired.

Their debut album Obsession is out on January 8th

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