Carpet Of Horses – It’s Only Light


I first came across Carpet of Horses with the release of their self titled debut EP, back in 2011. It was a stunning “driving-my-car-late-at-night”, minimalistic ambient post-folk that left me wanting more. Carpet of Horses is essentially a solo project of the Canadian-born Tobin James Steward, currently living in Berlin. He’s music is highly suggestive with meager shifts in key and melody, but always fascinating and moving.

“It’s Only Light”, the title song from a new 6 track EP, is no different. The song starts off with only a sparse drum beat, an acoustic guitar and Stewards slow-moving vocals. As the song progress, distorted guitars are added, the drums get denser and a female voice appears – until it all blooms into a lovely, almost Explosions In The Sky-like ambient rock piece.

Listen to the full EP and previous releases here.

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