Guards – Ready To Go


”Ready To Go”is the third teaser out of Guard’s forthcoming debut In Guards We Trust.  It’s an elegant sundrenched pop gem with a fist-pumping sing-along chorus. The song contains maxed-out orchestral arrangements, almost borderline of being to over the top, but when you get a song this joyful and memorable, it’s hard to complain. This is independent pop music with an edge that clearly stands out of the bunch. They do tend to share some similarities with Arcade Fire in delivering big anthemic refrains and the vocals approach MGMT’s juvenile psychedelic surf pop – but I do mean that solely as a compliment. “Ready to go” along with the almost equally great singles “Silver Lining” and  “Coming True”, lays the groundwork of an exciting debut –  planned for release on February 5th.

Check out all three singles beneath:

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