Youth Lagoon – Dropla


Youth Lagoon’s debut The Year of Hibernation was a record that considering the overall aesthetics, should’ve suited my taste. I can’t really put my finger on why but for some reason it didn’t. Maybe the vocals where pushed back too far in the mix, maybe it lacked some distinguishable characteristic or maybe it didn’t produce enough memorable moments (except for the beautiful “Montana”, which still is on some of my most frequently listened playlists). Well, Trevor Powers’ is back. “Dropla” fuses Hiberniation’s psychedelic lo-fi elements with a much wealthier soundscape. The song is very rich in instrumentation and the vocals are pushed into the front of the mix (by Youth Lagoon’s standards), which makes it all the easier to hear Powers’ heartfelt lyrics. It’s a winning direction for Youth Lagoon, one that I certainly adore. “Dropla” is a grower that takes a couple of listens, but once you get there, you’ll feel the sentiments of  “You’ll never die, you’ll never die, you’ll never die,”, bursting through your veins.

Forthcoming album, Wondrous Bughouse is out on March 5th

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