Make Up And Vanity Set – 88:88


c_vinyl_white_01Nashville’s Matthew Pusti a.k.a Make Up And Vanity Set has always drawn inspiration from archetypal 80’s soundtracks. His Charles Park trilogy is every bit as John Carpenter-inspired than anything we heard on 2011’s Drive Soundtrack. His other 5 or so releases, all gives homage to old VHS-slashers or primitive computer games.  So, it’s quite fitting that MAVS with 88:88, finally got a chance to score an actual movie – a short metaphysical sci-fi film that bares the same title. The music in the film essentially only shares one song with the album, so it might not be your archetypical soundtrack, but the cinematic quality of the music is truly impressive. About half of the songs are composed of beatless ambience, and a couple of them tend to stretch on a bit too long. Other songs however, like the album opener, “A Glowing Light, a Promise”, central piece “Homecoming” (the only song with proper vocals) and “The Cross”, are a lot more upbeat, and here is where MAVS’s music really shines. 88:88 is noticeably more distinctive than anything Pusti produced before and possesses the quality of simultaneously feel as dated as a VHS and fresh as a Blu-ray.

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