The Knife – Full Of Fire


So it’s finally here: The Knife’s long awaited lead single from the forthcoming follow-up to 2006’s massively acclaimed and highly influential, Silent Shout. As always with the Swedish duo, you’ll never quite know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect this; a 10 minute long angry, chaotic and spaced-out rave-anthem, sounding like nothing they’ve done before. Karin Dreijer-Andersons eerie shape-shifting vocals feels almost possessed, while Oloj Dreijer’s marvelous production is full with squeaky synthesizers and hard-hitting techno percussions. I suspect it’s a hard track to properly absorb without the whole album in context, but during the course of its ten minutes, “Full of Fire” never gets boring, with the arrangement constantly morphing into new textures. It feels very much Berlin, with the production sounding a lot like mid 00’s Ellen Allien (check out “Naked Rain” for instance) or the Enlgish techno act,  LFO’s 2003 track “Freak”.

The video is essentially a short film by feminist porn director Marit Östberg and features various types of atypical gender-bending sexual scenarios ( There’s also a homage to “Come To Daddy” towards the end…) – Watch it above.

By the looks of the track list, Shaking The Habitual is set out to become a real epic, with 11 songs clocking in at around100 minutes.

1. “A Tooth for an Eye” 6:04
2. “Full of Fire” 9:17
3. “A Cherry on Top” 8:43
4. “Without You My Life Would Be Boring” 5:14
5. “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” 4:36
6. “Crake” 0:55
7. “Old Dreams Waiting to Be Realized” 19:22
8. “Raging Lung” 9:58
9. “Networking” 6:42
10. “Oryx” 0:37
11. “Stay Out Here” 10:42
12. “Fracking Fluid Injection” 9:54
13. “Ready to Lose” 4:36

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