Jagwar Ma – The Throw


Instant Classic

The Sydney duo Jagwar Ma are on to something. To put “The Throw” in proper context, it’s fitting to quickly examine the pulse of contemporary music in a few short lines: The sound of the early 90’s is making its way back in numerous ways. Solange and Jessie Ware are releasing slick trip hop influenced r&b and incidentally, one of the originators of this particular sound, Massive Attack’s Blue Lines just got a reissue. Cloud Nothings excellent Attack on Memory is sort of a new take on Nirvana-grunge, My Bloody Valentine supposed follow-up to 1991s Loveless is one of the most anticipated records of this year and if you look at this year’s Coachella line up; two very prominent British 90’s bands are highlighting the festival (that would be The Stone Roses and Blur).

One of the most influential records of that time was Primal Screams’s Screamadelica – a record that fused rock and the fashionable electronic music of the time in a groundbreaking way. Current trends in music don’t seem to push the boundaries in a way that for example Loveless and Screamadelica did, but there are a whole lot of artists with brilliant ways to reinvent the sounds of yesteryears. “The Throw” is no exception. It sounds like something that could have come of Screamadelica or several other Andrew Weatherall produced record of the time, but disguised in a way that feels very contemporary. If you Google “The Throw” you get all sorts of genres and artists witch it apparently brings to mind. Surf rock, Squirmy techno, psych-synth pop, Manchester revivalism, African tribal beats, new wave and it sounds like DFA, Mathew Dear, Tame Impala, Simian Mobile Disco, Animal Collecetive… Well you get my point. The fact that people have a hard time categorizing “The Throw” just proofs Jagwar Ma blended just enough ingredients’ so everybody can draw their own conclusions. That in my view is the definition of sounding very Now.

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