Autre Ne Veut – Play by Play


Instant Classic

A year or two back, R&B was one of the few genres I couldn’t care less about, but The Weeknd’s House Of Balloons changed my narrow perception of what R&B had to offer in terms of novelty. Apparently, I was not the only one that appreciated R&B’s new sense of flair. During the course of 2012, the genre exploded big and wide on the indie scene, mostly due to Frank Oceans debut album, followed by How To Dress Well’s Total Loss. The Weeknd managed to squeeze in a couple of more releases and even old R&B traditionalists like Usher sounded fresh again. Perhaps the most exiting of them all was Autre Ne Veut’s “Counting(#15 on IFM’s 2012 list), a beautifully lush creation with an utterly compelling chorus – stuck on repeat ever since. His newly released second single titled “Play By Play”, is if possible even more stunning than its predecessor. There’s about three minutes of intense build-up with blazing 80’s retro synthesizers and percussions floating in and out, twisting and morphing its way until the song explodes into a huge theatrical refrain. The chorus keeps repeating itself for half the song, leaving the listener spellbound to Arthur Ashin’s earthshaking voice, as smooth and sexual as anything Prince could have recorded. Autre Ne Veut’s debut, Anxiety is out on the 26th of February and could well become rather spectacular.

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