Slowdive – Souvlaki [1993]

retro_turntable_speckcase-p176835142239651308en7rr_216Dream-pop/shoegaze has celebrated its revival for quite a while now. Nowadays it’s more often than not a one piece bedroom project disguised as a band using layers and layers of computerized effects, rather than a band-effort with analog distortion techniques like it was manifested during the heydays of the genre. There is a never-ending list of acts that in various creative ways imitate or are inspired by the sound and architecture of the initial shoegaze movement; Washed Out, The Antlers, Beach House, Wild Nothing, DIIV – and now about a week ago we’ve seen the return of My Bloody Valentine, possibly the most celebrated bandof the genre. Consequently it seems appropriate to continue celebrating the woozy guitar-pop of the early 90’s by honoring a band that created some of the most enduring music of that time, or any time for that matter.

Slowdive’s music has stood the test of time, sounding just as incredible today as 20 or so years ago. The peak of their career was the release of Souvlaki, a record that never got the appropriate recognition upon its initial arrival, but became with time possibly the most enduring evidence of genre. It might not be as creative and revolutionary as MBV’s Loveless, but sound today as the most relevant testament of the era. The sheer abundance of beauty straight across the album makes it nearly impossible to choose the appropriate songs to introduce for someone who’s unacquainted. Opener “Alison” is probably most recognized song on Souvlaki, but the album requires an unabridged listening experience, including the bonus discs cover of “Some Velvet Morning” and the non-album single “So Tired”. Souvlaki’s greatest legacy is surely it’s beautiful woozy guitars, unheard of in the vast catalogue of dream-pop acts. It has inspired and will continue to inspire artist and guitarists in a way that few records have done.

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