Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love


After her breakthrough on the second season of Norwegian Idol, Margaret Berger became a well-established singer with two top 10 albums on the national chart. Internationally she’s so far a clean slate, but it’s a just a matter of months before her new single “I Feed You My Love” will launch her as an international artist. The reason we’re pretty sure is because “I Feed You My Love” will represent Norway in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. For anybody unfamiliar with the contest, it’s a massive cheesy European spectacle where lesser known artist compete in who’s having the worst taste in music (a sarcastic statement of somebody who for one thinks that music should be about quality not show, and secondly, is hesitant about competing in any form of art). A lot of Europeans seem to enjoy it however, with between 100 million and 600 million viewers worldwide – and once in a blue moon you actually get songs that are worth a damn. ABBA’s international breakthrough came with “Waterloo” winning the 1974 ESC, and last year’s winner “Euphoria” was a pretty descent electro-pop tune. So even if it’s way too early to speculate on this year’s winner; Margaret Berger’s catchy eletro-pop should at least be a strong contender, if you consider quality.

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