The Postal Service – A Tattered Line Of String


Following the huge success of ”(This is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan”, Ben Gibbard out of Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Tamborella, alias Dntel, decided to record an entire album under the name The Postal Service. The result became the prominent Give Up – now celebrating its 10 year anniversary with a reissue featuring two entirely new songs. One of them is “A Tattered Line Of String”, considerably more upbeat than anything they they’ve done under their collective alias.  It’s not on par with “Such Great Heights” or “Evan And Chan”, but it’s once more a delight to here Gibbard voice on top of Tamborella’s prudently constructed electronics.  So it’s seems that 2013 is shaping up to be a quite spectacular year for old souls to rise from the ashes. David Bowie, The Knife, My Bloody Valentine, The Postal Service. What’s next?…

Give Up reissue is out April 9 via Sub Pop.

Here’s a chance to relive Superpitcher’s  legendary remix of ”(This is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan” – one of 2002’s greatest moments:

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