André Obin – The Arsonist


Boston’s André Obin is an exciting new acquaintance. For those attending M83’s and Washed Out’s live performances, he might be a familiar name. The Boston producer has toured excessively and opened for his well-known peers and gaining some repute with a couple of EP releases.  “The Arsonist” is his latest craft and also the title-track of his upcoming debut LP. It kicks off with a deep suggestive bass line (along the lines of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own) and a dreamy arpeggio synthesizer floating around for a while, before Obin’s chilled and heavily reverberated vocal kicks in. The song certainly breaks wide open with the introduction of some masterfully crafted drumming, giving the track a dense substance and thereby its distinctiveness. André Obin’s debut LP is planned to drop on the 19th of March via Sky Council Recordings.

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