Azekel – A Song to an Unborn Child


At the moment, I don’t think anything can get my attention more than a slick R&B track, sampling High Highs beautiful “Flowers Bloom”. So naturally, newcomer Azekel’s “A Song To An Unborn Child” is a thrilling encounter. Besides those few seconds of Aussie/BKLYN dream-pop-sample, the track incorporates a sulky atmosphere with dark, heavily reverberated percussions and a deep murky bass-line. There’s an incredible range in Azekel’s vocals; from a deep low-end registry during the verses to a beautiful falsetto refrain.

“A Song To An Unbord Child” is taken from the Londoner’s upcoming double A-side, and he most certainly got the potential of becoming a profound R&B act. Of the little I know of the UK R&B scene, I’m pretty sure it’s not exactly like in the States, but there’s certainly a legacy in delivering those gloomy soulful beats, going back to Massive Attack’s Blue Lines and further. Azekel’s lyrical qualities on-top of beats in-sync with UK trip-hop tradition, should at least give Azekel the proper attention he so solemnly deserves.

High Highs “Flower Bloom”:

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