BAY. – With You


I have a real soft spot for those lush echoing guitars; you know the ones you can find on every other indie pop track nowadays. Especially when they’re this melodious and infectious it’s impossible not to get enthusiastic. I must admit that my research on BAY is lacking a whole lot to say the least (it’s hard to google a name like BAY without getting a lot of football scores…, try for yourselves), but they’re from the UK and incorporating a lot of the sounds and elements of the indie pop/synth-pop scene  going on at moment. The guitars I mentioned before are one thing, but that’s not all that gets me excited. The vocals sound a bit like a British Brandon Flowers (out of The Killers) and the pretty falsetto refrain marries perfectly with the accompanying cheap sounding horns. The thin clear-cut electronic percussions makes “With You” sound more electronic, synth-based pop, than some of BAY’s peers. They do remain a total mystery to me, so if anyone out-there could enlighten me further, please feel free to do so.

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