iceage – Ecstasy & Everything Drifts


Punk in its purest form is largely outside my comfort zone. I tend to listen to a lot of 70’s punk  (and also bands not quite labeled as punk but are considered the originators of the genre) and 80’s post punk/new wave, while grunge and 90’s punk music never made a large impact beyond Alice In Chains and to a certain extent, Nirvana. But I do feel a lot of excitement towards some of the emerging acts of the genre. Iceage is one of them. The Danish youngsters just released their sophomore album; You’re Nothing, sounding a lot more melodious than New Brigade and presenting them as more skilled and matured songwriters compared to their debut. This is most evident on album-opener “Ecstasy” and center-piece “Everything Drifts”. Both songs shows the bands most impressive range and as the forerunners of todays (hardcore) punk scene.  I’m not going to pretend to know much about their influences or going into further details about their musical imprint, but if you only going to listen to one punk track this winter, I urge you to consider “Ecstasy” as the one. I declare it the punk-anthem of 2013.

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