Phoenix – Entertainment


So back into synth-pop again then. Well, it’s not much to do when the French battalion brings out one of their heaviest guns. Still, we must admit that we expected a stronger single from Phoenix. Since their albums never tend to hold all the way thru, their singles usually comes off as the best way to enjoy their ever-changing explorations. To be truthful, the instrumentals on “Entertainment” are one of their best yet. The Chinese-inspired synthesizers with the blazing “You Could Be Mine”-drumming is a solid show-off in anthemic mayhem.

Alongside, “1901” this is definitely the most crowd-pleasing song they’ve ever recorded. You can really see a potential festival crowd chanting along the synth-melody in a euphoric bliss. As expected the production is impeccable, with the synths occupying a large chunk of the higher frequencies, so it’s not that surprising that Passion Pit’s Gossamer is what pops in mind stylistically. I am however a bit disappointed, mainly because the refrain is usually Phoenix strongest side, whether you consider “If I Ever Feel Better”, “Everything is Everything”, “Consolation Prizes” or “1901” – they’ve always managed to squeeze out some memorable hooks. The chorus on “Entertainment” sounds a bit forced and the song unfortunately ends up losing a lot of its momentum, but hey, it’s still nice to welcome Phoenix back after 4 years of hiatus.

Their fifth album Bankrupt! is set for release on the 22th of April.

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