CTM – Elsa Palma


Strangely, this song is lacking some well-deserved coverage on professional music sites as well as blogs, so we feel it’s our duty to spread the word. CTM is Cæcilie Trier out of Copenhagen, mainly known as the lead singer of Chimes & Bells (Scandinavian lo-fi electro-folk) and as a cellist in Choir Of Young Believers (Europeans should recognize the band from the theme song of the Swedish/Danish series Bron/Broen – winner of the Prix Europa 2012 for Best TV-series.)

“Elsa Palma” is a hard song to describe since it blends a lot of stiles from different decades. With its beautifully lush synths, plucking guitars, deep bass-line and expensive-sounding production, we would consider it a close relative to Destroyer’s “Downtown”, but we keep hearing bits and pieces of everything from Chris Isaak to Sade and Stevie Wonder. Does that make any sense? Either way it’s a gorgeous piece of work taken from her Varaitons EP, out now.

CTM – “Elsa Palma”

Do yourself a favor and don’t forget to watch the video for “Jewel”, the first single of the EP, released back in November. 

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