Young Galaxy – Fall For You


Who would have thought that cold Scandinavia could be a place where beautiful Balearic sounds flourish? In the past five or so years, Gothenburg’s held the position as one of Europe’s finest place to discover sunny pop gems. Air France, is definitely a personal favorite (Check out the ‘Retro’ section for their sundrenched epic, “Karibien”), but the city also fostered the critics-pet The Tough Alliance and producer Dan Lissvik.

Lissvik’s been recording and remixing under different aliases for what seems like ages (Studio, The Crepres, remix work for The Embassy, Fever Ray and Lake Heartbeat), and is currently attracting bands like The Mary Onettes, Taken By Trees and Young Galaxy to his Gothenburg studio where he so successfully harvest his tropical creations.

We featured “Pretty Boy” a couple of weeks ago, an emotionally charged first cut from Young Galaxy’s approaching fourth album. While “Pretty Boy” is straightforward synth-pop, “Fall For You” succesfully embraced Gothenburg’s prominent Balearic pop in a whole-hearted manner. It got an African-esq rhythm with chunky guitar riffs, while lead singer Catherine McCandless chants “Eeeeey Oooooh!” in an ecstatic manner, like if she where attending a distant tribal gathering. The end is broken wide open in a largely instrumental manner, with a synth hook that’s so bloody up-lifting; it’s hard not to get jolly. So if you experiencing a gloomy winter-day let the Baleraric vibes of Gothenburg /Canada raise your spirit.

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