Keep Shelly In Athens – Madmen Love


Unfortunately my knowledge of dubstep doesn’t reach particularly far beyond Burial, Four Tet and James Blake, and it’s not exactly what we’re dealing with here. “Madmen Love” is dark, we mean really dark and has almost nothing in common with any of the mentioned. This goes more along the lines of some good ol’ fashioned trip hop, especially Portishead’s Third.

The vocals of Sarah P impost an anxious feeling of attending a dark smoky club, stuck away in a basement somewhere. The percussions ominous presence is alluring, yet you get the sensation of attending uninvited. Around the 3 minute mark the song detonates in a full crescendo with electric guitars and blazing synthesizers transporting you emotionally from that murky cellar to a full blown rock arena. Just before it once again drops you back to reality. Powerfull. Beautiful. Startling.

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