Fyfe – St Tropez

the one

The last time we featured Fyfe was his excellent debut, ”Solace”. We knew nothing about him then, except the back of his head featured on the album cover. Now it has come to our understanding that it’s the new project of the 23-yers old Paul Dixon, who formerly recorded as David’s Lyre.According to Dixon, Fyfe was never attended as a “mystery project”. Anonymity was his way of easing back to the music industry after a short period of hiatus. However, “Solace” created a huge buzz reaching a #1 place on Hype Machine with 50,000 plays in a week as well as UK Radio 1 airplay, so naturally there was a huge interest in Fyfe’s true identity.

Listening to David’s Lyre’s music, it’s now quite obvious that we’re dealing with the same person; Fyfe’s music isn’t that far off, though a bit more scaled back and electronic in nature. “St Tropez”, Fyfe’s latest release, might not be as strikingly immediate as “Solace”, but it continues along the same path with essentially a sparse arrangement that unexpectedly erupts into warm sparks of  brassy instrumentals and drum-heavy outbreaks. Definitely a grower.

Listen to David’s Lyre:

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