SZA – Ice.Moon

SZA’s beautiful ”Country” blew me away the first time I had the privilege of hearing it. The initial excitement of hearing a beautiful female vocal over the subtle but clearly audible Empire Of The Sun sample was a rewarding experience. The song became over time the clear stand-out of her debut EP See SZA Run. It was also a proof of her genre-bending ambitions. Her soulful vocals probably puts her in some kind of alternative R&B context, but the chilling electronic ambiance in the production proofs that her aspirations goes far beyond that.

SZA – Country

Her latest single “Ice.Moon” is more polished then anything on her debut and could easily be regarded as electro-pop. Not that far from Purity Ring’s bleeping synth obscurities. Compared to her previous work, “Ice.Moon” builds more on a traditional verse-chorus template, introducing a beautiful refrain that marries perfectly with the playful keyboard experimentation and the deep driving bass-line. I would argue that SZA’s debut EP is a bit overlooked but “Ice.Moon” should put her on the map as one of the most exciting female R&B/Alternative Pop singers at the moment.

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