Valentina – Wolves


“Wolves” is a new single from the UK artist Valentina, probably most famous for her vocal contribution on Joe Goddard’s (out of Hot Chip) “Gabriel”. This is the first song of the follow-up to her debut EP titled Weights (released back in 2011), and by the sound of it, it will most likely have a completely different compositional character than anything she has done up to this point.

“Wolves” starts with the low and high frequencies filtered of, sounding like something being played on a vintage vinyl player (or an old AM Radio of some sort). As the frequencies appear in full, the song becomes an ever-changing journey of shifting and morphing textures underneath Valentina’s sparse but spacious refrain, carrying the song from acoustic chamber pop into a fully orchestrated composition. It’s like a perfect morph of late-eighties’ Kate Bush and Björk’s “Hyperballad”. Stunning.

4 thoughts on “Valentina – Wolves

  1. Jane Lewis says:

    ‘wolves’ the song and video – there’s a kind of perfection to this – the music and images blend & flow, drawing you deeper in while the voice caresses you – later it still echoes in your head.

  2. I completely agree with you Jane. It’s a beautiful video that marries perfectly with the song. There’s also an artisitc side to it – not easlily found in the majority of the video’s being produced at the moment.

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