St. Lucia – Before The Dive [CHVRCHES Remix]

Considering the infinite amount of remixes released on a daily basis, it’s surprising just how few of them actually improves or at least counterparts the original in some sort of way. The remix was originally a way to get conventionally sounding music on to the dance-floors. By adding a new drum pattern or extending the original with a few minutes, it was pretty straightforward and could hardly be addressed as a form of art. With the introduction of new technology, electronic music progressed and the remix matured into an actual art-form. The electronic acts of the time used it to present new ideas, taking the original into uncharted territories, while they could use it as promotion tool for their own releases.

Today, there seems to be lacking a clear template to why remixes exist. Some artist use it as a platform to launch their career’s, some to get more coverage by media (yes this is the cynic in me talking) and we suspect some just mess around since the pressure associated with producing a remix is nowhere near the stress of actually releasing new original material. Either way, lot of the creativity formerly associated with the art-form seems to be lost.

Thankfully, we love to be proven wrong. St. Lucia’s “Before The Dive” was released approximately a year ago as a part of their self-titled EP. The catchy hook of the track is in retrospect an easy target for a synth-heavy facelift; it just waited for the right act to embrace the task. CHVRCHES, who just can’t do anything wrong at the moment, cut and chops the vocals, introduce some lush 80’s keyboards, cowbells, heavy beats – morphing and transforming the original into a blissful electro-pop anthem. CHVRCHES continues to impress me.

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