André Obin – Lemondrop


Boston’s Andre Obin’s previous single “The Arsonist” was a gloomy affair, dealing with an unfortunate fire incident in Obin’s apartiment, leading to a loss of personal belongings and recording equipment. Thankfully he managed to finish the recording of his full-length debut due to some well-needed friendly donations.

Upon hearing his latest singel “Lemondrop”, it’s getting more and more evident that Obin has spent some time touring with Washed Out and M83. He’s vocals are submerged into layers of fuzzy synthesizers and suggestive ambiance, basically in the same way as Ernest Greene (Washed Out) uses his voice as part of the surroundings rather than as a melodic driver. The synthesizer’s may not fully match Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’s epic sound engineering, but comes pretty close to M83’s past endeavor’s like Saturday = Youth’s “Couleurs”. On the basis of his two recent singles, Obin’s album should be well worth to consider for anyone longing for beautiful and lush electronic pop music; planned for release later this month.

Also; listen to Teen Daze’s remixof “Lemondrop”:

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