Caveman – Over My Head


“In The City“, the first single of Caveman’s up-coming sophomore album was a beautiful 80’s inspired synth-pop track, mixing The War on Drug’s suggestive aesthetics with The Shins melodic structure. The song represented a formerly unexplored side of the band, sounding miles more sunny and up-tempo than anything on their debut.

Inversely, “Over My Head” is a slow-burner centered around a beautiful fluid synth-pad, resonating Grizzly Bear’s tender atmosphere. The two singles combined marks a shift in Caveman’s sound into a more focused state of elusive harmonies and melodic songwriting. It’s a band on the verge of breaking into the limelight with a sparkle of freshness that was largely absent on their debut. Their self-titled follow-up to CoCo Beware is set to be released via Fat Possum Records – affiliated with quality releases, most recently demonstrated by Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse. The album is out 2nd of April.

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