Box Of Wolves ft. Christa Vi – Boy / The Machine


Jessie Ware and Solange Knowles as certainly made those chillout synth-vibes of the late 80’s / early 90’s a fashionable part of the R&B /Pop scene. These two tracks from Canadian artist Gabriel Akinrinmade a.k.a Box Of Wolves has basically the same points of reference as the above stated artists, but with a dance floor friendly vibe incorporating some lush Detroit techno ambiance. The lovely voice on “Boy” belongs to the London based country/folk-pop singer Christa Vi, who steps well outside her comfort zone and delivers beautifully lush vocals that marries perfectly with Akinrinmade’s nostalgic production. The largely instrumental B-side “The Machine” is a lot more chilled, reminiscent of Larry Heard/Mr Finger’s lush electronic ambiance. These are well-constructed tracks that should be an essential part of any late night playlist.

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