Wavves – Demon to Lean On


Instant Classic

Wavves latest release is an impressive exploration of excellent mid-90’s guitar induced pop-punk. The song’s anxious lyrical paranoia is met with hooky riffs and catchy melodies. This is the perfect example of how to recreate the grungy elements of the 90’s without losing focus on the songwriting.

I admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of the grunge movement nor the Green Day and Weezer induced pop-punk crusade that followed. Still, I hold that the revivalist acts of today delivers a substantially more convincing version of the genre. “Demon to Lean On” may not fully match Alice In Chain and Nirvana’s greatness, but it’s a whole lot more interesting than the boring MTV-punk boom of the mid to late 90’s. Nathan Williams a.k.a Wavves continues to discover new ways of delivering his ever-changing punk aesthetics and by the sound of the two preceding teasers; the up-coming fourth album Afraid of Heights is likely to be his most melodious yet. Out on March 26.

Afraid of Heights Tracklist

01 Sail to the Sun
02 Demon to Lean On
03 Mystic
04 Lunge Forward
05 Dog
06 Afraid of Heights
07 Paranoid
08 Cop
09 Beat Me Up
10 Everyhting Is My Fault
11 That’s On Me
12 Gimme a Knife
13 I Can’t Dream
14 Hippies Is Punks (iTunes Bonus)

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