David Bowie – TVC15 [1976]


retro_turntable_speckcase-p176835142239651308en7rr_216On the basis of David Bowie’s latest album release, it’s no more than fitting to take a walk down memory lane. 1977’s Heroes and Low are possibly regarded as Bowie’s two greatest albums, but what started the transformation from his Young Americans-style blue-eyed soul toward his experimentation with synthesizers and krautrock was the release of 1976’s Station To Station.

Prior to Station To Station, Bowie had already reinvented himself more than most accomplished artists do during the course of a lifetime, but this particular shift in aesthetics would become his most important. Not yet fully realizing his experimental potential, the album was still the most immaculately constructed album in his young career. The recording and release was surrounded with plenty of scandal; heavy cocaine abuse, fascination with the occult, Hitler-salutes, but became eventually the much needed wake-up call and the life-changing decision to move back to Europe.

While most of the songs on Station To Station still had at least one foot in Bowie’s previous fascination with American funk, “TVC15” was the obvious shift and a song that not only has stood the test of time but became one of the greatest and most essential songs of Bowie’s career.

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