Weval – Out Of The Game


These days almost anybody can afford to buy a couple of VST keyboards and plug it into their software sequencer and start tweaking does knobs. So, yes it’s a lot easier for people to create music than it was before the digital revolution. Just think of how many potential musically gifted talents the world lost, since they couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on analog synthesizers. But there’s also a downside to cheap technology. Almost anybody can put together an instrumental electronic track by using a couple of presets and release it on BandCamp, My Space or on the Blogosphere. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should. It takes a certain amount of experience and know-how to create magic. There’s just too much uninspired electronic music on the net making it all the harder to filter out the good ones.

Now, I’m not familiar with the Dutch duo Harm Coolen and Merihn Scholte’s (a.k.a Weval) background, except that they met working in the film industry. But upon hearing “Out Of The Game’s” lush cinematic ambiance, this makes a lot of sense. The way the duo tweak does lush krautrock/70’s-style keyboard sounds; make us guess that they are no beginners to electronic music. For anybody longing for some quality chilled-out techno, should be thrilled about “Out Of The Game” and the upcoming debut EP, Half Age – out on the 19th of March via the Atomnation label.

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