Casual Sex – Stroh 80


We always get thrilled about new music with timeless qualities. This is definitely the case with Sam Smith’s Glasgow based moniker Casual Sex. “Stroh 80” is a bit of good old fashioned art pop, reminiscent of an era when this type of music was regarded as commercially accessible. This should be around the time Talking Heads released Remain In Light and fellow Scotsman Edwin Collin’s band Nu-Sonic’s regrouped as Orange Juice.

Sadly, “Stroh 80” won’t gain any commercial success nor is it likely to become a part of the hyped world of the blogosphere (still, we would very much like to be proven wrong). But the good thing is that it’s still ours to enjoy. As you know, Casual Sex is a good thing as long as no one gets hurt, so let’s rejoice with the late 70’s funky disco pop of “Stroh 80” and dance our shoes of.

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