Sunless ’97 – Aurora I [Picture remix]


I was about to write how David Kyhlberg’s (aka Picture) remix is an impressive take on “Aurora I’s” late night electro-funk. Or how it manages to turn it into a drifting euphoric space pop. But as I started writing I realized that the song dug deeper than expected. Our perception of music is personal, so much we now. It can evoke different feelings to different people. And while it does so, we still hope that everyone around us is in the same emotional state as we’re in. The cheesy euro-trance of the mid to late 90’s didn’t exactly leave a huge stamp on history. For me who was subjected to it growing up may only remember it as a nostalgic imprint in my memory. But it’s still there in the back of my head, waiting for a song like this to arrive. The nostalgic airy synth-lines and the distant lyrics, have a certain quality of imposing these euphoric memories of my young adulthood. So, on a personal level, it’s more than the sum of its parts. But as I stated, how we identify with music is personal. This particular sentimental state may only work for me. Try for yourselves.

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