The River Cry – The River Cry

During the course of the year we’ve been posting some quite exceptional female vocalists, namely; VUM, Valentina and Violet (just to name a few). What these have in-common is an absolutely beautiful voice accompanied with sparse instrumentation. Hilary Woods’ solo project The River Cry is our latest addition to our ever growing group of astonishing vocalists. She’s the former bassist of the Irish folk-rock outfit JJ72 that about some 10 or so years ago gained some minor commercial success in their native country. But don’t expect The River Cry to sound anything like Wood’s former band. Instead, she reaches back into history, mixing “White Rabbit”-era psychedelia with Mazzy Star-like harmonies. But more than anything; it’s a timeless effort, spawning bitter-sweet emotions through the tenderness of her vocals, with nothing but a piano or a guitar trailing beside her. With the current times of digital and electronic abundance, we’re in need of more music like this.

One thought on “The River Cry – The River Cry

  1. Frida says:

    First thought: Nothing special. Then I continued doing what I was doing with the music running in the background and realized that I most definitely enjoyed it. Especially The Devil Knows.

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