Jethro Pickett – By the Time I Get to Wilmot



My day-job sometimes means that I have to embark on extended trips from time to time, moving from one faceless hotel room to another while facing “out-of-ordinary” circumstances. I always get a strange detached feeling when I return home, like my life at home isn’t really mine at all. There’s a lot “late night/early morning”-situations, meeting new faces while keeping up appearance. My mood between meetings is filled with a kind of bittersweet melancholia and I’m in a heavy need of escapism. So, I put on my earphones and disappear into another world. On my latest trip, I had the privilege of having Jethro Pickett accompanying me along the way. There’s a real upside of listening to music while on the road; there’s no “fast food listening”, pressing forward, jumping and skipping tracks. There’s time to fully absorb into the music, letting it be the soundtrack of my life.

By the Time I Get to Wilmot is Jethro Picketts debut, clearly influenced by American folk music in the purest and most classical sense. His voice is warm and comforting, pushed to the center of the songs, convoyed with carefully crafted guitars, pianos, organs and beautiful drumming. By the Time I Get to Wilmot is not about originality; there’s no gimmick or attention grabbing stunts. Instead, its music with its roots far back in time, delivered with a lot of personality, keeping the melodies always at the core. So sit back and listen. Don’t press anything but play and let Jethro Pickett be the soundtrack to your life.

4 thoughts on “Jethro Pickett – By the Time I Get to Wilmot

  1. Piera Pickett says:

    thank you too the author of the above summaary, i aagree with all of the above
    good luck and see you in Wilmot,
    your biggest fan,
    mum xx

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