Wildlife – Bad Dreams


At this time of the week it’s fitting to present something fired-up and inspiring, something to get us going for the weekend. Wildlife is a Canadian five-piece who just recently released their sophomore album On The Heart with a little help from Peter Katis, the brilliant producer behind some of The National’s and Interpol’s work.

“Bad Dream” is the clear-stand out, a heart-racing power-rock song with an immediate and strong melody. The drums (as with The National) are the real key here; hammering its way through the song, fueling it with high-paste energy. It’s a polished work right down to the core; stacks of layered guitars fuzzing between the shouting vocals, while the clean The Killers-esque keyboard breaks the song into an energetic finale. This may not be an archetypal IFM feature, but one highly enjoyable nonetheless.

If Wildlife is your cup of tea, then watch the video for the bands previous single, with the The Boss -inspired title “Born To Ruin”:

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