Cry Monster Cry – Polaris


Even in this age of fast paced info exchange, it can take a while for music to travel across countries. The Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie Martin released their debut EP about a year ago,  unfortunately we only recently discovered their wonderfully charming folk rock. The two brothers have played together for ages, mostly at private gatherings, playing covers. But when Richie Martins former band broke up they decided to give it a go. The first song they ever wrote was chosen for an online Irish ad campaign; a promising start. Now that their EP has gotten some well-deserved attention, a debut full-length is currently in the making as well as lined up gigs in Ireland and possibly internationally

The opening track on The Fallen, “Polaris” is the perfect introduction to Cry Monster Cry’s immediately rewarding harmonies. You could argue that “Polaris” recalls Fleet Foxes or any number of bands reaching back to connect with nature romantic folk music, but in our view, it’s about separating the wheat from the tares. “Polaris” is with its harmonized choirs and warming instrumentals a song that clearly stands out. So even if “Polaris” is a nod to the 60’s folk rock barer, it’s about pulling it off in a convincing and profound manner. There are a lot of genuine emotions imbedded in their music with inspiration from the tradition of storytelling. Jamie says: : “We love to tell stories or write a song that the listener can connect with on some level, which is what it is about. When you listen to music all walls are temporarily broken down”. This is what traditional folk music is all about. Music was the language of storytelling where hymns and gospel’s traveled across continents following man-kind on their journey of discovering new settlements. This is to some extended still as much true today as it was back then. Cry Monster Cry’s music goes back to the most traditional elements of music as a language to trigger emotions and telling stories.

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