Kurt Vile – Never Run Away


Instant Classic

Kurt Vile has graced us with his minimalistic take on psychedelic roots rock for almost a decade now. He was the co-founder of The War On Drugs before he set out to focus on his solo career. Vile released a couple of brilliant but uneven albums before things suddenly started to take off with 2011’s Smoke Ring Of My Halo. He polished off his “lo-fi” approach, removing all unnecessary sound fuzz and psychedelic haze that might have distracted the attention. Left was a raw, scaled down roots rock, echoing Petty’s or Reed’s legacy.

“Never Run Away” basically takes off where Smoke Riing Of My Halo’s most immediate songs “Society Is My Friend” and “Puppet To The Man” left us. It’s his most focused and accessible creation to date; combining his signature blues riffs with a beautiful keyboard-line (sounds like something that could’ve been lifted of Bowie’s Low) in perfect harmony with his lazy vocals. A broader introduction of synthesizers would certainly be a welcomed direction; if it’s merely a onetime offering we’re still left to uncover. His fifth album is out in April.

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