Big Black Delta – Side of the Road


The question for today: What would you get if you were to cook a meal with M83 and Talking Heads as the main ingredients with a touch of spicy vocoder seasoning? Well, it would probably sound something like “Side of the Road”. Big Black Delta, the musical project of LA’s Jonathan Bates has created a somewhat schizophrenic track balancing between depressing and uplifting. This is a song you could frenetically dance to, as Jonathan so elegantly proves in the video. But at the same time, by using some gloomy electronic textures combined with anxious-sounding vocoders, he managed to shape an imposing tension that lasts throughout the entire song. It’s unpredictable, fun and fueled with high octane energy. As M83’s touring partner, Bates obviously learned a few tricks and created an unusual but inventive electro-pop anthem.

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