CHVRCHES – Recover [Curxes’ 1996 Remix]


Instant Classic

I’ve stated it once but I do it again; it seems like CHVRCHES can’t do nothing wrong at the moment. While catchy electro-pop with female vocalists is a recurring phenomenon here at IFM, “Recover” alongside Kate Boy’s “Northern Lights” are perhaps the two that made the greatest impact on us. Then there is CHVRCHES brilliant remix of St Lucia’s “Before The Drive”, not to mention the infectiously melodious “The Mother We Share” – resonating a The Knife song with a similar title. “Everything (they) touch turns to gold”, to cite Kate Boy.

Since I’ve been rambling a lot about the three Glaswegians, it’s fitting that I finally write a few words about their rather diverse backgrounds. All of them have played in various bands before joining forces. Ian Cook was a part of a post-rock group called Aereogramme, with at least a hand-full of albums released. Lauren Mayberry was the lead-singer of the folk pop outfit Blue Sky Archives, while Martin Doherty toured with the heavily guitar-induced The Twilight Sad. But from where they got their electronic influences remains a wonder. I suppose that’s part of the mystery, but could well be the answer to why they stand-out in the infinite sea of synth-pop outfits.

Yesterday, their debut EP finally arrived. Besides the title track it includes two new songs and two remixes. While “ZVVL” (where Doherty takes center stage behind the mike) and ”Now Is Not The Time” are fine tracks indeed, further raising the bar for their planned full-length debut, it’s Curxes remix of “Recover” that stands out alongside the original. It takes “Recover” and transforms it into a blazing tech-pop anthem, charged with lazer-sharpe synthesizers and pulsating beats. It’s an intensive remix full with epic moments that could well end up becoming the anthem of various summer venues.

As some of you might remember, I questioned some time ago why remixes exists in the first place and may have foolishly stated that a lot of the art-forms creativity somehow gone lost. I was of course proven wrong by CHVRCHES remix of “Before the Dive” and I once more stand corrected by Curxes. Absolutely mind-blowing stuff.

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