Dark Bells – Wildflower


Lately we’ve featured several artists that seek inspiration from the shoegaze, dream-pop movement of the early 90’s. There are of course lots of new bands in this particular genre, something I’ve elaborated on quite extensively, but as you might know IFM’s proclamation is to only feature those who stand out. And dear all mighty, how well Dark Bells manage to do just that.

Two of the band members, Teneil Throssel and Ash Moss originate from Sydney before they moved to London to join forces with third member Luke Richardson. Of what I’ve come to understand, their one heck of a live band and managed in a short period of time to gain an impressive set of followers. Prior to “Wildflower” they’ve only released one track, the beautiful yet intensive demo of “Wait”. “Wildflower” is their first proper release and it doesn’t get more psychedelic than this. The whirling guitars echoes ”For Love” by Lush or basically any track from Slowdive’s eponymous Souvlaki.  It’s a grand statement of talent from a band that just recently started out. I could go on and on why “Wildflowers” shouldn’t be overlooked, but forming your own opinion is just one click away. Please do so, and you won’t miss out on the psychedelic fury of Dark Bells.


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