Curxes – Further Still


Earlier this week, we featured Curxes intense and energetic take on CHVRCHES’ soon-to-be classic “Recover”. As you’ll find out by reading further, this is a band with more than one trick up their sleeve.

“Further Still” is the Brighton duo’s latest release and one that’s dramatically unlike the “Recover” remix. Even so, both these songs show Curxes flair for dramatic shifts and theatric arrangements. While the blazing horns and raving synths of the remix sounds like a beam-back to the hammering big-beats of the 90’s, “Further Still” is a steady build-up with a considerably more subtle and melodic approach. The first half has a nearly beat-less, scaled down ambiance where lead singer Roberta Fidora’s beautiful operatic voice is given room to breathe. Gradually, the song turn into full-blown orchestrated finale, echoing Florence Welch and Bat For Lashes most dramatic moments.

I love the notion that they’re unpredictable, without a clear formula presented to us. They are a fascinating contrast to other electronic acts and managed to surprise us twice over the course of a week.

“Furhter Still” is available for a free download via Soundcloud.

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