Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End


Coincidentally , Majical Cloudz ”What That Was” was the very first song ever posted here on IFM. The combination of Devon Welsh emotionally charged voice and the scaled down retrospective electronics, resounded a strange combination of Suicide and The National. At the time I felt that it was a fitting song to set the tone with, and eventually it even succeeded to sneak into our Top 50 of 2012.

“Childhood’s End” is even more minimalistic with Welsh lyrics being the focal point. There’s merely a clicking sound functioning as a drumbeat, a barely audible bass play, a haunting cello and a warm repetitive keyboard line serving underneath Welch’s profound existential lyrical theme. This creates an intimate atmosphere where space and silence serves as an instrument in itself. According to Welsh, the vision with their impending debut album is to communication a lot with as little as possible.

With “Childhood’s End” the duo created an unbound aesthetic, floating freely without pledging to any genre. The emphasis is put on Welch’s heartrending narrative, while the music sets the mood. It’s an artistic statement of two musical visionaries.

Impersonator is out on May 21 via Matador.

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