Saskatchewan – Possession


If you’ve been a frequent guest on this site, you may suspect that while originality is something we deeply respect, it’s sometimes more than enough to have a melodious hook to grab our attention. Saskatchewan’s falls into the latter. They are in no way a novel act, but the exquisite atmospheric vibe of “Possession”, with its familiar and melodious refrain is definitely a winner. Admittedly, Saskatchewan is a band I know nothing about. I came across their music on one of my fellow blogger’s site earlier this week, and have eagerly waited to share it and drop a few lines. They describe themselves as “just another boy band from Orlando”, but if you expect some BSB or NKOTB type of nonsense, then you’re thoroughly mistaken. According to their Bandcamp site, “Possession” is not their first release, but the one that most clearly stands out. It’s a track lifted of their forthcoming debut, titled Occasions. Out any time soon via Father/Daughter Records .

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