NINΔ – We Are The Wild Ones / My Mistake


I’m going to kick start this week with an artist that in the most impressive way manage to capture the electronic mood of the Drive Soundtrack and combine it with soaring pop melodies. The artist I’m referring to is the (presumed) upcoming star named NINA. Born and raised in the electronic music capital of the world, she left Berlin to reside in London. She more or less popped up out of nowhere and made three synth-pop gems available for streaming via Soundcloud, but that’s about all information available to us for now.

While all three tracks make a good case of why NINA’s electrifying pop should be on your watch list, “My Mistake” is IFM’s preferred choice. It’s a bit darker and bittersweet, making it one of the most surprising and beautiful synth-pop debuts of the year so far. Now I suppose most of you won’t agree and choose “We Are The Wild Ones” as your favorite, but that’s fine. It just shows we’re dealing with an accomplished artist with an exciting future ahead of her. All three tracks are presented on Soundcloud as “Album Teasers” so I suppose we can expect a full album any time soon.

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